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GO MO Group CEO Gabriel Ghavami gives a guest lecture as part of a master's course in Content Creation at the Gothenburg University business school.
GO MO Group CEO Gabriel Ghavami gives a guest lecture as part of a master's course in Content Creation at the Gothenburg University business school.

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GO MO Group Gives Guest Lecture in the Marketing Master’s Program at Top Business School

2022-09-16 – At the request of the Associate Professor in a masters-level course in content creation, GO MO Group CEO and founder Gabriel Ghavami and digital marketer Timothy Larsson gave a guest lecture on the significance of content in a business context and audience focus as a cornerstone of digital marketing.

The School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg is one of the most accredited leading business schools in Sweden. GO MO Group was approached to give a guest lecture as part of a course in Content Creation in the Master’s program Marketing and Consumption.

“It’s always interesting to get a business perspective in a course and see the practical manifestation of the theories from academia. It’s clear that strategy and position are crucial; if you don’t have a strong marketing strategy, it doesn’t matter what content you create. A surprising point covered in the lecture was how far behind some companies are in using data. Big data actors like Google and Meta function as market standards, but there’s always a human element at play also.”, said Peter Zackariasson, senior lecturer and Associate Professor, after the lecture.

Companies produce content – texts, videos, images, etc. – to market their brands and communicate with their target audience. Content marketing is a growing part of performance marketing; in the lecture, GO MO Group argued that this is because consumers and B2B buyer behaviors are shifting. Rather than relying on salespeople contact, buyers favor “Pull Marketing” communication: where the recipient initiates the contact. Leading companies are shifting their marketing to adapt to this new buying behavior.

“If Audience-based marketing is the body, content becomes the spine – and as such, high-quality content is key to effective communication. There are huge shifts in buyer processes, and sales must adapt or be obsolete. Traditional B2B industries are at risk of falling behind in this shift. Winning is utilizing data in one’s marketing – from strategy to execution.“Gabriel Ghavami

Digital marketer Timothy Larsson is an alumnus of the Master’s program in Marketing and Consumption and spoke about how data can be used in content creation in practice: “Coming back to my alma mater was, of course, very exciting, and I am happy to return and contribute to this great educational institution. Having graduated from the marketing master’s program, I let those experiences guide my approach to this lecture and focus on showing how we use data in a practical way, something we think is enlightening to the students.”

Student comments

Post-lecture discussion with master’s students Ida, Erica, Julia, and Rebecca
The lecture ended with an open Q&A and discussion with the students. “It was interesting to learn about B2B marketing since most of the time you only really read about B2C companies or the really large global businesses.” “It was especially interesting with the data focus, using statistics and testing different things to see what works best”

"I feel like I got great practical insights from seeing the process from analysis to content creation. We know you only have a limited time to interact, so you must know your audience, and now we got to see how it is done.”

“A key takeaway is that the marketing industry is shifting, and the things that work today might not work tomorrow, so data is crucial. It was interesting to hear about the change in how companies think about the industry and the role of marketing.”

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Timothy Larsson

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